Friday, September 05, 2008

MN Independent Reports on the Protests

Paul Demko from The Minnesota Independent has written an excellent eye-witness account on Thursday's demonstration in St. Paul. This is the crucial "standoff" against police and riot squads on the I-94 overpass, as well as activity up the hill towards University Avenue. Demko was eventually arrested and then released. Several photos of the afternoon and evening's events are included.

At this point, I'm working to collect as many stories and media accounts as possible. I did not go to St. Paul on Thursday; instead I chose to gravitate to Minneapolis' Orchestra Hall where Ralph Nader and former Gov. Jesse Ventura were speaking. Everyone expected violence on the last night of the RNC, and media reports were almost nonexistent. We depended upon sharing stories with one another, with blogs, with text messages.

I'll write in depth about Ralph Nader's rally later tonight or this weekend. I'm still trying to piece my conflicted feeling together; being a Nader supporter in 2000 and a Ventura supporter in 1998, I am swept by waves of nostalgia and a youthful idealism I fear I have lost. The Age of Bush has been a dark age for our people, and so very different than the world we believed we would inherit a decade ago.

Anyway, read Demko's report. We'll mourn lost futures later.

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