Wednesday, September 03, 2008

McCain Meets in Photo-Op With...uh, what? Are you serious? I'm not gonna print that! You're lying. This can't be real....oh, wait, it is.

Josh Marshall reminds us that the Palin pregnant-daughter scandal/saga/soap opera has been relentlessly pushed by, of all people, the McCain campaign.  Having a Christian-Right Republican politician's daughter pregnant and out-of-wedlock is now great news and a focus of the campaign.  And the boy that knocked the girl up?  He appears today in a photo-op with McCain, and he's scheduled to appear on the stage of the RNC.

That does it.  John McCain is either a comedy mastermind or the single worst candidate in the history of American politics.

My new theory is that John McCain is a Manchurian Candidate, but instead of Communist China, he was kidnapped by circus clowns.

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