Saturday, September 06, 2008

Just Thinkin' to Myself

I sure hope Obama wins this election and things return to a degree of normalcy. I have to admit I'm rather shocked at the tone of my writings these days, its apocalyptic tone and Orwellian bent. To the untrained observer, I must be a shade or two more sane than the stereotypical crazy guy on the street wearing a sandwich board.

My own fervent hope is that this decade passes smoothly and we'll all look back on this as the time I Talked Like a Crazy Person. I deeply miss the optimism and idealism we all had in the 1990's. It's just not normal thinking to believe your country is sliding into fascism, that you're about to be snatched away by the men in brown shirts. This really is crazy talk.

To be honest, I find it impossible to believe it myself. Ever since Florida in 2000, I've been in a state of shock and disbelief. I'm always looking for the alibi that would explain the madness away. But then I get another shocking dose of reality.

Let us all work our best these next crucial weeks to secure a better future. Let's lock this rotten decade in a lockbox and never revisit it again.

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