Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mendacious Campaigns and Gullible Voters

Chronicling the lies of the McCain campaign is truly a full-time job. Should we be surprised? Really, anyone surprised? The Republicans have run this once-great nation into the ground, and any serious examination of the facts will spell electoral doom. So they distract, mislead, and lie, lie, lie.

While there is an emerging media narrative that McCain is running a dishonest campaign, they have been holding water for these criminals for the past eight years. And they will continue to lie through their rotten teeth as long as they pay no price. McCain will run a mendacious campaign because it's working.

If the Republicans manages to win this game, just what exactly does that say about the American people? They, apparently, are deeply disgusted with the Bush-Cheney administration, if polls can be believed. And yet they are prepared to reward same party with another term in the White House.

From the NY Times today:

Why does McCain insist on running such a mendacious campaign? There is plenty an honest conservative might say in opposition to Obama: He's wrong about Iraq. He's wrong about Iran. He's wrong about offshore oil drilling. He wants to raise taxes. He favors abortion on demand. He would appoint liberal judges. He would impede school reform.

But McCain has concluded that a fact-based case about Obama isn't enough to prevail in November. So he has chosen to smear his opponent with ridiculous claims that he thinks the American people are gullible enough to believe.

He has charged repeatedly that his opponent is willing to lose a war to win an election. What's McCain willing to lose to become president? Nothing so consequential as a war. Just his soul.

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