Wednesday, September 03, 2008

NY TImes Article on McCain's VP Decision

Politically, this is devestating. Just disastrous in every conceivable way. You have a surprise pick which is seen as a desperate gamble, then a steady trickle of embarassing or questionable details about Palin. It has been nothing but bad news for nearly a week, which leads, of course, to more digging, more revelations, more embarassments. This candidate is hurting and hurting badly; the McCain campaign will have to take drastic action if they hope to change the public's opinion.

The Times' article really isn't any surprise to political junkies or those of us who have followed McCain and the GOP. It was clear to me that he wanted Lieberman as his VP, but there was simply no way the party's Dobson wing would allow it. Being pro-choice really is a deal-breaker with today's Republican Party. So is being pro-birth control, which is really freakin' hilarious when we find out about the 17-year-old daughter. This is great comedy, folks, and frankly, those of us here in the Twin Cities need all the laughs we can get.

So now they have a damaged running mate which is threatening to torpedo the entire campaign, and there's really no escape. I know of a couple blogs that have already started their "Sarah Palin Betting Pools," and expect her to withdraw from the race, but I'm having a difficult time seeing that. The Republicans are fully aware of how damaging that would be for the general election, echoes of George McGovern 1972. Dumping your running mate is political suicide.

The Dobson wing would fight tooth and nail to keep Pain on the ticket, of course. They won't allow Lieberman or Tom Ridge or any of the prominent women Republicans (who are all pro-choice, have you noticed that?). This would be like pulling out a newly-transplanted organ and starting from scratch. Do that and you'll have one hell of a mess.

For me, I'm hoping and praying that McCain remains stubborn enough and impulsive enough to keep What's Her Face around. Why not? That's how he picked her in the first place. It's not like he had any idea who the hell she was. I'm sick and tired of these damned Republicans. I'm sick of their brutality. I'm sick of their cruelty. I'm sick of their ideological extremism. I'm sick of their rank incompetance. I fear for my nation and the police state that grows and grows and grows. The violence by the GOP stormtroopers is only a beginning of what future rule will be like. This is the party that believes habeus corpus doesn't exist, the party that believes a President can assault and disappear any citizen at any time, for any reason at all. Or no reason at all.

I've had my fill of this rotten despicable bunch. I'm betting most Americans feel the same way. We don't need four more years of these dimwitted madmen.

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