Monday, September 15, 2008

Pants on Fire - Palin Scorecard

Yet another lie, this time about the teleprompter. Why do McCain and Palin feel the need to lie about everything? This is beyond standard politics. This is absurd; either that, or the GOP simply has such contempt and disrespect for the American people, they will hurl any falsehood and expect it to stick.

Perhaps it would be better to chronicle the times these candidates are telling the truth, eh?

Sullivan has been keeping track of Palin's falsehoods. This latest teleprompter fib brings us to number ten. Here's the current tally, with links...sigh:

9) Alaska's Energy Contribution

8) Habeaus Corpus

7) Climate Change

6) Gays

5) The Oil Pipeline

4) Endangered Species

3) Firing Stambaugh

2) The Bridge to Nowhere

1) Firing Monegan

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