Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Politicans Are Not to be Trusted

Just memorize that little phrase and you'll be one step wiser in this life. Never buy anything that's being sold to you by anyone. Be skeptical. Don't fall for this inanity. And, for the love of Elvis, if any politician tries to shame you or shout you down for daring to question or criticize him or her....tar and feather, kids. Tar and feather.

It is the natural instinct of all governments to move towards authoritarianism and totalitarianism. It's as though every elected official has Tolkein's Ring of Power in their pocket, whispering into their minds. You need to keep them in check at all times. Just look how far we've fallen since 2001. I've seen our future, kids, and it is a nightmare.

Alright, then! Enough sludgy preaching by me. I'm turning into Master of Reality here, so I'll just lay off. If you're smart, you'll know the score....

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