Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sarah Palin Doesn't Know What The Bush Doctrine Is

Good God in Heaven, save us all. I am beyond speechless. Watch for yourself. This woman could be the President of the United States in four months.

And now we finally know exactly why the Republicans have hidden Palin from the public eye these past two weeks. Are you aware that she has yet to give a single press conference? It's been two weeks, and still no press conference. This has never happened in American politics. All of Palin's events are heavily scripted events, where she gleefully reads talking points from a teleprompter.

I fully expected the ABC interview to be a celebrity fluff piece, completely controlled and scripted by the Karl Rove team, and spoon-fed to the dumb masses as fluff. I didn't expect any serious questions from Charlie Gibson. Even here, it's a simple question: Do you approve of the Bush Doctrine?

Sarah Palin, the 20-month governor of Alaska, cannot answer this question. It's obvious that she has no idea of what the Bush Doctrine is.

John McCain and the Republican Party have bankrupted themselves with this candidate, and they have forfeited any right to hold office in the United States. This is just a sick joke, a sadistic fraud propped upon the American people. They really expect you to be too stupid to see through this shallow imposter. After eight long, dark years of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove...they pull this. This is easily the worst and most despicable dirty trick these Republicans have ever pulled.

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