Friday, September 05, 2008

Sarah Palin Hidden From the Public - She's Not Ready

Okay, everyone - I do have readers to this blog, right? - back to some of the normal events of the day.  This is just absurd, really just absurd.  This is one of the key lessons of being on ground zero for the RNC: the whole thing is just a beauty pageant.  It's just a show to sucker the rubes who hide in their homes and never venture inside.

Anyway, here it is: Sarah Palin is being shuttled away from the press and the public.  After unveiling this supposedly experienced politician who is perfectly qualified to step in as Leader of the Free World....she is swept off the stage and hidden from the world.  This after giving a speech that was actually written for someone else.

Sarah Palin is a pathetic fraud.  Even by Republican standards.  This is the criminal syndicate that gave us George W. Bush.  From the mouths of the McCain campaign themselves, she is not ready.  She'l appear at some future event that can be completely controlled.

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