Sunday, September 14, 2008

This Reporter Places the Blame Squarely on You, the Viewer

An interesting little analysis on the state of the race from Politico, specifically answering why McCain has captured the momentum of the Presidential race.

For my money, the entire Republican strategy comes down to a this: sucker the stupids. It's amazing to me that the GOP gave us the worst Presidential administration in our nation's history, while convincing voters that they, the same GOP, are the agents of change. Now that just takes gusto.

I saw a television ad this weekend, one of those long blocks of ads which all look exactly the same, even though they claim to come from different sources (and all for the GOP). In this ad, McCain steals Obama's campaign slogan wholesale. It is really McCain, the Republican, who is the "agent of change"; Obama, the Democrat, promises "more of the same."

After eight years of Bush and Cheney, to tell people that Obama is a vote for the status quo? Good heavens, what brand of moron would fall for such an insipid lie? Exactly how stupid do you have to be to fall for this? How many Americans don't know which of the two major parties Bush and Cheney belong to? Or which party Obama now leads?

Amazing, isn't it, that the GOP can run this nation into the dirt, to the point where 80% of Americans are convinced that we are on the wrong track, where most despise Bush and Cheney, where the President himself has become a national joke, a sick punch-line...and all it takes to turn that around is to stoke fears of "liberals" who want to raise your taxes.

At some point, the blame for America's decline must be leveled at the true offenders: the American people themselves. Participation in a democracy requires a certain level of involvement, a minimal level of intelligence, a basic threshold of the facts. A large chunk of America has become too stupid to reach that threshold. How many? Is it a majority? I hope not. For my future and the future of all people, I hope and pray not.

To quote Kent Brockman from The Simpson's, "this reporter places the blame squarely on you, the viewer." Just how stupid are you? Were you not paying attention to anything? Did you notice that bridge that fell down near the U of M? Did you not notice all those dead bodies floating in New Orleans, while Bush and McCain are having happy birthday parties? Does the phrase, "let them eat cake," ring any bells?

Did you notice there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction? Or that our government now openly tortures people around the world, regardless of guilt of innocence? Or that your emails are being read, your phone calls being recorded? Or that the Treasury has been looted of all its money? Have you noticed that everything around you is crumbling into dust?

Or did you waste more time gossiping about Britney Spears? Do you only read People and Us Weekly? Do you even know the names of the people running for President? Or is it all just a vague blur? Uhhh....he's, uh, that guy....who stands for....uh, stuff."

I don't know why this fact of American life is never mentioned. But the largest voting block in this country are not Democrats or Republicans, liberals or conservatives. It's the great swath of stupids who Just Don't Give a Damn. Politics is for losers. Knowing stuff is for losers. Reading is for losers. Uh, um...what was I talking about?

America, you get the leaders you deserve. After everything that has happened these eight long years, if you really do believe that John McCain, the Republican, is the "change" candidate over George W. Bush, the Republican....well, what else is there left to say? You really are dumber than a sack of hammers. And you will truly get what you got coming to you.

And then you'll blame it all on Mexicans, gay people, and Liberals Who Raise Taxes. Which I guess makes it all okay. Morons.

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