Saturday, September 06, 2008

Variety - The Night in St. Paul's Wilshire & Washington reports from St. Paul's demonstrations from Thursday. More intimidation, more police brutality, more violence, and more peaceful Americans being assaulted by the stormtroopers.

I shouldn't expect the mass media, television especially, to show this side to the RNC. It still amazes me that the same kind of militant and fearful propaganda that gave us the Iraq War was on full display in St. Paul. If you only got your news from tv, or lived away from Minneapolis-St. Paul, you'd think we were victims of all these anarchists and violent demonstrators destroying the cities, with helplessly outnumbered, outgunned police running for their lives. Apparantly, we had Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Who knows? Fear is the coin of the realm. The large chunk of Americans waste away their meager lives in boxes. The box called your house. The box called your car. The box called your job. The box called the mall. And worst of all, the idiot box called your television. It's the corporatist fear factory; what Bill Hicks described as a can of black spray paint over your third eye.

Anyway, I'm just trying to understand and learn. Read Variety's article and watch the four YouTube videos they've posted, scored from the streets of St. Paul. Look hard and see if you can find any of these phantom anarchists or missing WMD's.

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