Thursday, September 18, 2008

Worst Case Scenario

Looking at all the possibilites for the US economy, in wake of the Wall Street troubles, mounting debt, and falling dollar, there's one nightmare scenario that we all hope and pray won't happen.

I still think the odds of this happening are remote, but as our problems mount, the odds will increase. It also wouldn't help matters if the US decided to start a new war with, say, Iran. Iran happens to supply China with oil, that's all. Sucks to owe people money, doesn't it?

The results of a default on the Dollar would be catastrophic around the world, and China has too much business invested with the Americans. They won't pull the trigger unless they have a damned good reason for doing so. This is exactly why the Republican debt is such a critical problem. The GOP has threatened the future of this nation for the sake of their stupid ideology.

Remember, kids: Clinton balanced the budget and handed us a surplus.

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