Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Battle of St. Paul - Photos #3

For this set, I'll show you some happier photos of the peace marchers at or around the state Capitol. This is the usual place for demonstrations and marches. It's also where you can find the St. Paul 4th of July festivities. One year, I saw Pat Boone perform. Yeah, Pat Boone. Everyone in the audience was a senior citizen, kind of like a reunion of 1950's teenagers. The best part was Pat's wardrobe - decked out like Las Vegas '70s Elvis. No lie. I always knew that guy had a serious envy for Elvis.

Anyway, enjoy the photos. Congratulations to everyone who created floats, puppets, masks, costumes, posters and signs. You always give us the best parades of any year. This really is the one thing I'll miss once Bush and these damned Republicans are out of power. We won't have any new wars to freak out about! Wow....I can't even imagine that right now.

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