Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Former FBI Agent on St. Paul Police Behavior - "Frightening"

Dave Neiward, our good friend from Orcinus, has a superb interview with Michael German, a former FBI agent who currently counsels the ACLU. They discuss the violence at the demonstrations in St. Paul, the types and amount of police brutality, and the frequent targeting of people with cameras and cell phones.

Having been there, I can personally vouch for this. Thankfully, I was spared and walked away without a scratch. That is a fact which astonishes me, and frankly scares me to death. I knew I was in great danger when the stormtroopers marched wave after wave against us. I am only now realizing just how dangerous that was.

We truly are in a war zone in St. Paul this week; a true harbinger of the American police state. Why so many people are perfectly fine with this level of violence and barbarism....this astonishes me. This nation has a fetish for torture and inflicting pain upon The Other. Defeating McCain at the polls in November will not change this deeply troubling fact. America must deal with this dark side of itself before it's too late.

Enough preaching on my part. Read the interview.

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