Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Civic Fest

I'm really not trying to sound so dark and apocalyptic these days, so I'll say a good word for the Civic Fest exhibit which was at the Minneapolis Convention Center during the RNC. It was a lot of fun, packed with the history of the US Presidency. A replica of the Nixon-era Air Force One was there, as was a model replica of the White House, a trailer exhibit for Abe Lincoln, histories of the forgotten Presidents of the Continental Congress (during the American Revolution), speeches of our former Presidents, and more.

Civic Fest didn't garner too much attention last week, which is a shame. I'm a great lover of history and I'm a real sucker for these kind of museum events. Hearing Eisenhower's Farewell Address - warning of the dangers of the Military-Industrial Complex - sent me reeling. I was shaking all over, for I had witnessed in person what he was warning me against. That may be the key lesson I've taken from the Battle of St. Paul: this dreaded machine of the Empire is finally coming home.

Wish I took some photos, because it was a really great show. Only cost me a buck, too. Yay!

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