Thursday, September 04, 2008

“I Guess a Small-Town mayor is Sort of Like a ‘Community Organizer,’ Except That You Have Actual Responsibilities”

I've served my community. I've volunteered my time for countless causes. I've given food to the hungry on Thanksgiving. I've clothed the naked. I've registered people to vote and walked them to the polling stations. I've donated to book drives. I've donated to the food shelf. I spent time making friends at local nursing homes when I was a child. I marched relentlessly against Bush and Cheney's wars. I marched for the right of all Americans to speak their minds, free from the fear and tyranny of government oppression.

And this week, I faced down an invading army of shock troops that attacked peaceful demonstrators, wrongly imprisoned the innocent, and launched grenades and bullets against law-abiding citizens. I was armed with only a digital camera and a conscience, and for my thoughtcrimes I was met with machine guns. Fucking machine guns against civilians in America.

Go crawl back under that rock you slimed out from, you sick, sadistic bastard. You ain't nothin' but a laughable fraud, a pathetic failure, and a miserable human being. You ain't worth the blood that pumps in your veins.

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