Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Question About Policy

Maybe this just slipped my mind because I've been busy panicking about the militarized war zones in the Twin Cities. But have the Republicans bothered to mention policy at their convention? We have a lot of character stories, a lot of heroic hurrahs about McCain, a lot of creepy family poses by the Palin clan, and a lot of beating up on the GOP's usual suspects.

What happened to actual policy? You know, the things McCain/Palin actually want to accomplish when in office? The economy? Housing? The dollar? Health care? Peak oil? Pollution? Global warming? AIDS? Poverty? Fuel economy standards? Mass transit? Green-collar jobs? Campaign finance? Torture? Guantanamo? The deficit? The federal budget? Afghanistan? Iraq? Iran? Syria? North Korea? China? Russia? Privite military contractors? The state and rediness of the Army? The draft?

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