Sunday, September 14, 2008

What Digby Said

Brilliant and wise, as always:

I have always felt that Karl and Junior's primary consideration in anything at this point is rehabilitating the Bush legacy. It is what all failed presidents do and this one is very very failed. Being conservatives (and Bush being essentially lazy) rather than starting a Habitat For Humanity or embracing a useful cause, this would be the likely way they would do it.


He is a failed president partially because he never had any control over his own government due to his natural ineptitude and lack of intelligence, whether "book learnin'" or native. And we knew this going in. He had six years experience as a figure head of a state that is run by the Lieutenant Governor Prior to that he'd been a front man for the New York rangers and a failed business man at everything else. The only difference between Bush and Palin is that Bush comes from a powerful family, went to ivy league schools as a rich legacy student and traded on his famous father's name his whole life, which makes him marginally more believable as president because of the example of idiot heirs in royal dynasties. They are both anti-intellectual dolts.

These Republicans are installing successively more absurd people in the presidency and Sleon's reasoning makes as much sense as anything I've heard. If these people actually are the best this country can come up with we've gone far beyond ancient Rome and are in the realm of Alice in Wonderland.

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