Saturday, September 06, 2008

You Do Not Exist - You Cannot Resist - So What Now?

The Minnesota Independent' Best of RNC:

Most ridiculous and unnecessary use of riot cops: At 11th and St. Peter at around 7:30 pm on day 4, people leaving “The Daily Show” and/or trying to get to their cars on the other side of the bridge, the side of St. Paul where police have detained nearly 400 people, are confronted by about 15 riot cops and members of the SWAT team. One riot cop jumps on the concrete barrier and points his gun. Two SWAT team members leap on the hood of cars and aim guns filled with tear gas at the onlookers, despite none of them being involved in the protest. The officers don’t speak, issue an order to disperse, nor explain why the onlookers are being threatened. And when the stranded folks ask them how they can get to their cars or where they should go, the cops remain mute, and instead follow their movements with gun barrels.

Most locker-room-like chatter overheard from a cop high on power: Gathering in the History Center parking lot after Day 1 and engaging in post-game replays, one cop boasts: “So then I shot him with an impact round, and he just fucking dropped!”

Most repeated overheard line from cops high on power: “I’m so sick of these fuckers,” or variations there of, was uttered by at least three different cops on three different occasions.

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